SEGULA Technologies joins forces with Acsia Technologies to meet the challenges of autonomous vehicles

Paris, October 29, 2020 – One month after the opening of its Digital Lab, SEGULA Technologies, a global engineering group, is still strengthening its offering in the field of connected and autonomous mobility by partnering with embedded automotive software developer Acsia Technologies.

As specialists in the development of electronic control units (ECUs) and cutting-edge embedded software, Acsia’s engineers design the driver assistance systems (ADAS) and Connected vehicle solutions (Infotainment and Instrument Cluster) for tomorrow’s electric and autonomous vehicles.

Acsia’s recognised expertise in these areas, combined with SEGULA Technologies’ sharp skills in automotive engineering, project management and world-wide support system, will enable the two partners to develop innovative embedded software and driver assistance solutions that can meet the needs of automakers and automotive suppliers worldwide.

Mobility is undergoing a deep revolution in terms of innovation, practices and uses. The vehicles of tomorrow are similar to digital products with numerous infotainment and driver assistance system applications. To support this transformation, it is essential to fully master the entire value chain of digital technologies. Working with Acsia will enable us to refine some key competencies and offer more integrated solutions to our customers,” said Franck Vigot, president of SEGULA Technologies’ Automotive Department.

SEGULA is present worldwide, with strong establishments in France, Germany, Spain, Brazil and China. This partnership with India-based Acsia will give the Engineering Group a privileged access to the Asian automotive market, in particular to major Japanese manufacturers, as well as the opportunity to enhance the skills of its local offshore teams.

With this partnership, the two companies intend to pool their customer portfolios. The market positions and offerings of SEGULA and Acsia will therefore be strengthened.

We are delighted with this partnership with SEGULA Technologies. Our clients expect their service providers to deliver increasingly global solutions. By combining our skills, we are becoming a major partner to meet the new challenges of connected and autonomous mobility.” explains Jijimon Chandran, CEO of Acsia Technologies.

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